VTF Spray Converter

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How To Use

Works best with 1×1 aspect ratio images. Anything else may appear stretched due to a bug!
Smaller images will be centered.
Spray file size limit is 512 KB.

Creating fading sprays

Enable mipmaps, load the main image, then choose another image under the desired mipmap level.

Creating animated sprays

Select multiple images in the file manager or upload an animated GIF or video.
The frames are displayed in the same order as they appear in the file manager and each one lasts for 0.2s.

To download the spray, use the "Save as VTF" button.

Enabling Sprays In-Game

Enabling console

  1. Enter Options
  2. Under Keyboard, press Advanced...
  3. Check Enable developer console then press OK
  4. Press the tilde (~) key, which is below Escape for all layouts

Cvars to replace


If you find that settings have been changed, check if existing config files contain these cvars and override them there.

1×1 ratio recommended, may otherwise appear stretched
Generate mipmaps
Scale to fit
Use single image for animation

Image encoding settings

Texture format:
For DXT1, transparency is broken on Linux versions of Source.
Use DXT5 instead for images with transparency!

Sampling method:
Use dithering
Compression quality:

File name:



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